Mine does not see the light of day
Mine does not see the light of day, the walls above the heavily armed soldiers, these soldiers are Gods Tiehuan to get rid of the people, the strength tyrannical Just one of them can these Mules kill hundreds of people, the reason that once riots, is said to be an outsider to attack this mine that led to the concept of God the intricacies of forces in the world, except for the addition to the forces of the three imperial palace forces with eight family, there are many forces hidden in the shadows, not known . the day, sunglass can always quickly taken out a few stars iron, his body "the God source fragments" transformation, extraordinary people, great strength and agility and ultra-long iron in the mining and stars when accounting for a lot of cheap, stem from the efficiency of the living to tend to the others several times only stars not easily mined iron the day, sometimes two, sometimes three, and more more, it is one or not, the conflict in order to avoid and ape Pa, the sunglass also deliberately let the other snatched a few, he did not want to stir up trouble, especially when a newcomer to sunglass compared to the situation, like "Yin" once Shenlong it shape dramatically reduced, the truth of which I thought it through, distinct rules and the power of God read the macrocosm and trials stars, "Yin" was beaten back to the original shape these days has been in a coma, Maronite this is sleepiness race, I do not know when it will be able to wake up one night, sunglass began to interest rate adjustment, enter a deeper sleep. former weapons school can not use, but in the interest rate adjustment, sunglass discovered a strange and extremely, that is, he know the sea is still there, "Serena" had been used to satisfied the body, side silver Quartet mirror quietly suspended in where. sunglass heart ecstasy in the wind-Lan, his battle with the others when relying on this side like quicksilver mirror, the mirror can be mapped out all the changes of the other martial art, exactly right, and sunglass idea of ​​dismantling of changes in an instant, to seek out the crack of the Road can be described as a major weapon into God the read world riddled forces all lost, sunglass and hunted, down time forget this knowledge sea. took a deep breath, barely suppress my heart's delight, sunglass began to carefully consider the morphology of the silver mirror of the mind on this side. "Hey, does not seem to shape some changes.", closer inspection next, this silver mirror turned off the shape of the Quartet, but converted into a similar presence of aerosol shaped like real party circle, not determine morphology, and original silver mirror unexpectedly changed opacity, seem Sau Chu river, with a hint of earthy brown. "strange, how will become this color? another one hundred and eight stars, down more like a star chart. star maps? instant, sunglass seem seize anything, but it is not clear on is this is also an illustrated catalog? sunglass try to drill once martial side star chart, fruit
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Practice, wealth and status
Practice, wealth and status, the concept of God is the macrocosm, citizens Shouyuan five hundred years is enough for you to enjoy a luxurious life. "The old man smiled and pointed to himself:" I old bones would like to desperately go hard guy to get hold of citizenship to enjoy under the fast-paced world. "sunglass no words, just looked at the old man who hoop, six have never been broken old man like perceived What a fake oakleys dark eyes, sighed and said: "target can live it, is not it?" sunglass sighing a do not know how to comfort fake oakley sunglasses the depressed elderly not far away, suddenly sounded excited roared. "ha ha, I finally broke the third Tiehuan it, and seal the chest of the ring, wow ha ha ............" a laugh is never distant, a two-meter-high Dahan is back laughing is the ape tyrants, the hoop his chest is breaking fall on the ground, with the fall of this iron ring, ape rogue forces more extreme growth, chest and arms bulging up even extended to the original double away even more forceful power of this muddy ball and broke through a layer of iron rings, certainly robbed others of stars Mine. "old man low swore, looking gloomy, bowed his head to not know what to think "this ape Pa is very powerful what?" the sunglass looked not far from ape tyrants punch the iron ore abruptly hit a near half a meter deep hole, and also secretly scared. " his talent is very general, just like you, it seems that foreign guy, but do not know why, the first day found a gathering place of the iron and stars, hundreds of stars and stars iron, have open Gods first ring exercises, you want to know Gods six ring higher up the more difficult to open, This is a particularly important and the most difficult to obtain, ape Goushi Yun Pa walked, and all of a sudden get a god ring open function law, force multiplier, will cliques, less than six months, even breaking three Gods ring, it is scary. "" You have to be careful, do not confront and apes Pa, this man is a mad dog, mine slaves, his fist is the most ruthless, the greatest forces. "old man kindly remind sunglass." Oh, thank you, and do not know how to address you? "sunglass nodded feel the need to closer relationship and some kindly old man, he was so lonely in the mines, messages clogged, need to figure informed. "name did not need to know, you call me Chen old devil on the line, the mines so shouting, little brother how to call? promised me things will not go back on it? "Chen old devil looked sunglass, some eyes deep. sunglass smiled:" I surnamed Wu, and how will business as usual. "" That's good, so much the better, Wu brothers, I went to bed. "Chen Laogui That laugh again, stood up to not distance walked. sunglass watched Chen old devil leave, Muse some deep, some places have lakes, there are right and wrong, if he just go back to the initial decision, I'm afraid the Chen Laogui immediately ran to tell the ape Pa, a pedestrian, drop a dismal fate really eat world
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Fruit, your support, and certainly before my creation power
Fruit, your support, and certainly before my creation power in the process of writing, have a low ebb, but also out of some readers scolded, in fact, I am very grateful to you, it is you, let me see the shortcomings of its own only continue to improve and improve themselves, beyond their own now, I can confidently say that, although my book may not be the starting point for the best, but at least I think that the works of my heart, I appreciate the work. After the plot development, there will be more breakthroughs, there will be more bright spots gradually revealed, I hope that we can continue to support, will not let you friends down to write a book, in fact, is the very life shortened things, this only realized written a book, when a person facing the computer screen gently knocked messy and rhythmic notes, this time, he is lonely, his game, however, in their own words, is happy. When readers support, even if it is a brief refueling, he is delighted. many nights, every writer quietly sitting in front of the computer, trying to come up with how to allow readers can write more satisfied, how to do more , this time, their only motivation is the support of readers, certainly. often, other friends went to party, but for the responsibility, had to push to take off some of the entertainment we cold not only a friend, as well as relatives, lovers ... a cavity blood poured all a work for a reader certainly as long as the reader can be sure, then, we Zaikuzailei are worth. pour all will be rewarded, then we worth Some of consume youth, to a book, some of the most golden ages in order to life on a book consumption, some of order a book, lose a lot, but we also get a lot late at night when a word in the author group, all invisible, and asked in what are code words, think about it, the middle of the night three or four points, others are sweet sleep, even sitting in front of the computer, mostly to watch movies, chat, play games, and we at this time is in the struggle for their own struggle to support their own readers, even if that reader is only one feels obligated or that words, I hope I am a storyteller, you readers and friends to listen to the stories of people, we sit together, like homemade party as easily on a sealed push my writing there is more pressure, I will try to balance their own state of mind, the better works presented to all our friends. designers of a book, then again, the feelings just auxiliary condiments mainly write the protagonist of the cause of hard work, of course, a lot of things to people's life experiences, of course, will met a lot of women, this is normal, of course, a person's feelings is a process of looking inappropriate will hit the right, this process is inevitable. while a person will encounter a lot of things, which is normal, so the plot turn, have their ups and downs. since urban novels, of course there will be a variety of experiences of the protagonist, while the protagonist is a designer, but it does not mean that only engage in the design aspects of the matter, otherwise tricky question. This is like a person to work in a company, perhaps more than making money, they will point out what part-time, for example, to open a shop
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Or engage in things like investment
Or engage in things like investment, or want to start all over again. Course, this is fiction, reality-based, but it is inevitable, and the reality is slightly different, and I hope you can understand this point. I will try to stories written deficiencies hope that we can put forward, I will carefully consider the words did not sound good, but resented the reason I still understand Another said, this book is the story has only just begun, since the ace designer, and doubtless there is still a large space for development, now is just the beginning, so now the plot and can not fully determine the future direction, presented only hope that friends can always lend its support, companionship designer after the way the book completed, so this This book has a good ending. sealed push, I think, will be more exciting, and I will write more carefully before you complain friends, if you come back to take a closer look, there may be a new discovery. Closure 's a great opportunity to push the way to pull down votes, recommended, recommended, seeking recommend votes! monthly pass, of course, also hope that you can hit hard! subscribe to it, of course, hope that you read a book a friend can subscribe really not that expensive two cents a thousand words a month with fake oakleys a pack of cigarettes and even less than the expenditure to support the author, the demand is not high, however, for our authors, the significance is not the same calling about, I hope in reading friends can support subscription. says so to speak, from the Chinese network Finally, thank you to edit, and a friend of you readers, thanks! thank again! unknowingly, has 200 chapters, you figure it, there should be sixty to seventy million words, right? perhaps, for other authors, this is a quick process, but for me, it is very long and a newcomer to adhere to the present, the bitterness of Kula really only you realized write this acceptance speech, not trying to pull what votes, thanks to that kind of thing is not said, until a few days ago sealed push reflections again today reflections, people feel tired? Actually, I just want to talk about their feelings. than rudimentary word write novels, and I prefer to talk like everyone, like chat, I like this feeling, the words come out of his thoughts, so that friends can see and hear. while reading experience to one of the writing process, and I feel nothing as an author, the happiest thing undoubtedly fake oakley sunglasses is the heart of the dream, the story, the mood to talk, the former is a novel woven dream, after by a novel growth process is accompanied by real truth. usually my words seem a lot, if everyone thinks it is, it do not look. every one of reflections, what are my heart really want to express . wrote every word, are true feelings to write, I can guarantee that. absolutely impossible to canvassing, or edit asked to write reflections, perhaps, these words, than a thousand words more than writing a novel time spent ten thousand words, feelings invested even more people might criticize me have time wordy, might as well go to code some word, but I think it deserves, both between entirely different things. how do you say? I just like the way this
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comes to firewall hidden program
Five compatibles are placed in the office - It should be noted that, in the end, Miss Bai Yi gave up the paint, choose a light blue wallpaper - paint smell is not one or two days to eliminate Sitting boss chair, cheap oakley sunglasses suddenly remembered back before that morning - the same, he was sitting in the boss chair, fake oakleys sitting to grab bread on his desk before. "server engage in Well, the network will also be connected to the junction box office area all good - and so move the computer and recruit people. "broadband?" early somehow, fiber! 100M of ! "fake oakleys some pride," I was ready to plug-in authentication server moved here. "court death ah!" cheap oakley sunglasses suddenly stand up together, "Grandmother, we are now a game carriers! know not?, and plug irreconcilable you dare to the authentication server to be moved to the fixed IP on the server? "what not ... people not see ..." cheap oakley sunglasses anger and - fake oakleys that the general direction is very good grasp of the details at but often do not see anti-smile, "I said, brother, do not you know there was something called Skynet Why?" comes to firewall hidden program will the fake oakleys suddenly shut up - any firewall default access program can skip the firewall connect to the network when prompted by the firewall. "said the plug-in, the next batch of monthly card user should immediately to right? now on the books, how much money? "accurate to say that, if coupled with the agent cafes sixty-five arrears, total there are around 300,000 - cash only two hundred and twenty thousand. "Dog Day" cheap oakley sunglasses scolded saying foul language, and then put his hand in his hair. decoration ... buy air conditioning, buy office supplies, buy a computer ... have not made a point of wages or classmates Try to plan carefully the case is still ten million water like the passage of time. converge to four hundred thousand in a month and a half, relying on two plug-in, such achievements have been so cheap oakley sunglasses there is no saying how to say "South Korea ? probably the number? "feel anxious cheap oakley sunglasses, fake oakleys much nonsense directly asked the topic as early as a few days ago, cheap oakley sunglasses and South Korea's Wemade connected to the head, while cheap oakley sunglasses convention so that at the end of June, when went to Korea to negotiate about. "not said" cheap Oakley sunglasses shook his head, "but I guess, not more than four hundred thousand." "Four
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